Cobra International Bow-Mounted Single 1X Boat

WinTech Racing

The WinTech Racing Cobra International is a premier single that has an award-winning Klaus Filter biomechanic waterline hull design.  This model is a elite, Kevlar/carbon-laminated, full honeycomb Nomex core sandwiched between a high-modulus uni-directional pre-preg carbon fiber carbon exterior and interior.  This model utilizes a 5-point bow-mounted parabolic carbon fiber rigger.

In a nutshell, it's really light and you'll go fast!

Boat Sizing Perfect for:
Super Lightweight (SLW): 110-130 lb athlete 
Lightweight (LW): 130-165 lb athlete 
Midweight (MW): 165-187 lb athlete 
Heavyweight (HW): 187-230 lb athlete 

Boat Lengths and Weights:
Super Lightweight: 22'10" / 31lbs
Lightweight: 25'11" / 31lbs
Midweight: 25'11" / 31lbs
Heavyweight: 26'8" / 31lbs

$ 7,450.00