Womens Regatta Blazer

Scull & Sweep

Scull & Sweep has re-interpreted the traditional rowing blazer in a modern, unbelievably comfortable, versatile and technically innovative form that was inspired by the functional origins of the first blazers, as a protective outer garment that was actually worn while rowing.

Lightweight: Constructed of lightweight and breathable performance fabric

Protective: The Regatta Blazer provides protection from wind and water, has a reflective lapel piping (for those paparazzi shots!), and has a high visibility color pop under the collar

Comfortable: The unique Scull & Sweep two-way stretch fabric allows for breathability, freedom of movement and exceptional comfort while traveling.

Durable: All seams are heat sealed/welded for long term durability and to minimize friction.

93% Polyamind, 7% Elastane

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    $ 275.00