ErgAdaptor for Concept 2

BAT Logic


The BAT Logic Concept2 compatible ErgAdaptor is your key to enhanced performance on the ergometer. A portable and click on/click off system to integrate with the ShoePlate QuickRelease System to use in-boat rowing shoes (or shoes alone) for your indoor training. Train for your next race while feeling the enhanced connection and speed.

  • Compatible with Concept2 model D, E & Dynamic ergs
    • An easy add to help lower your ergo score
    • ErgAdaptor system is designed to clip on/off and is fully portable so you can carry it with you to any erg
    • Fully legal to race at most indoor events on the ergometer
    • Reduces injury risk factors
    • Improved foot connection and contact
    • Enhanced & earlier heel loading
    • Greater use of large leg driving muscles
    • Can be used with rowing shoes alone (check Compatibility page)
    • The ErgAdaptor has taken over 16 endorsed indoor World records.

    System - sold with ErgAdaptor, Base Plates, and Shoe Plates

    Erg Adaptor Only - Sold with ErgAdaptor and Base Plates (ShoePlate Tops sold separately)

    ShoePlates Only - These plates are mounted to your shoes and will clip into the Base Plates on the ErgAdaptor or your boat.
    • Small Shoeplates for shoe size US Mens 6-9.5
    • Large Shoeplates for shoe size US Mens 10+


      Material Powder coated, reinforced alloy
      Weight 1.1kg
      Erg Mounting Concept 2 strap and hook, fully portable
      Cleat Mounting Standard 4 hold offset foot stretcher bolt pattern - can be used alone with most rowing Shoes or with BAT Logic ShoePlates
      Fixings Full marine grade 316 stainless
      Compatibility All model D/E & Dynamic Concept2 Ergometers
      Legality Fully C2 certified for all testing and records, Legal at all indoor events except Crash-B's


      $ 157.00