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Schuylkill Navy x Scull & Sweep

Published on: 15 May

Schuylkill Navy x Scull & Sweep The Schuylkill Navy announces Scull & Sweep as its new partner in safety. May 15, 2017 – Schuylkill, PA Schuylkill Navy continues with its commitment to support the rowing community in Philadelphia’s Boathouse Row, and to serve as the governing body on the Schuylkill River. Today, they are announcing the development of a best-practices Safety Campaign with apparel & accessories firm Scull & Sweep. Since its inception, the Scull & Sweep brand has been focused on developing high-visibility performance apparel to better serve the rowing community in helping to protect rowers and their equipment. The Schuylkill Navy / Scull & Sweep partnership will come to life this spring 2017 with a new collection of...

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